Opportunities and Announcements

God is Great, All the time.  All the time, God is Great.

 As of the 20th of April, Andrew Brunson has been remanded back into prison until another hearing is held May 7. He is no longer in solitary but has been moved into a prison which is known for extreme overcrowding, 22 to a cell. Please continue to pray for Andrew and his family.

“It’s not God’s plan for my life but my life for God’s plan.     
   It’s not God’s vision for my church but my church for God’s”


Moving into Summertime

In May a "Men's choir" will sing on Mother's day. 

For Father's Day a "Women's choir" will do special music


Flower Sale REMINDER

Pick up your flower orders on Sunday May 6

If this isn't possible see Judy McCourtney to make sure a time can be arranged