Opportunities and Announcements

God is Great, All the time.  All the time, God is Great.

 Andrew Brunson has been released from prison and is under house arrest with his wife. This is a major step toward the complete freedom for which we are praying.  


Where do we go from here…?

I have been in conversations with the Mosaic congregation meeting at De La Salle North School. They are affiliated with Christian Missionary Alliance denomination and have a larger home church meeting in the Hollywood area of Portland.

On Sunday July 15, Adam Harvey, one of the staff and teachers for Mosaic, will be with us during worship to share their vision of what might happen between our two congregations. I hope he will be able to be around to answer questions and visit with Kenton’s membership.

They are a young congregation willing to put time, money, and energy into our church building. They have the support of their denomination and may even receive some funding from them for any changes.

This is NOT a done deal. It will not be easy for Kenton because we would need to move our time of Sunday worship. I am more than aware, of how our past changes in the times of service affected the attendance and spirit of Kenton. There would be other issues as well if this shared space became a reality.

I would like each of us to be in prayer as to God’s leading in this matter and to count the cost of what it would mean for us to stay a part of Kenton Church. No decision will be made apart from a vote of the Session and a congregational meeting.

Grab me after worship for any questions and thoughts on this matter.

Pastor Alan