Opportunities and Announcements

Even as we continue to pray for Pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife, [see forgotten American ]. Here is a news article from the Christian Post on the visit by members of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Clicking on it the link will open a new tab. May it inform your prayers for TE Brunson.


Church Vitality Weekend  March 16-17

Maybe the most important meeting you attend…

Saturday, March 17 at Woodland Presbyterian Church is an all-day meeting for members of Kenton Church. Ken Priddy the Executive Director of the GO-Center and his colleague Bob Stauffer will be with Kenton, Woodland and other smaller congregations for the weekend. 

Friday night, March 16, will be an evening meeting for church leadership —Ruling Elders, and others. Saturday is a meeting geared for the entire church.

Why does Kenton need this? Look around on any Sunday morning. We are on the decline and need to be revitalized and or reinvented, as a congregation if we hope to be a force for Christ in our neighborhood.

I expect all members to make an effort to attend. I know not everyone will but take steps to clear your calendar for this weekend. Very few things will be of more importance to Kenton in the next five years.

“It’s not God’s plan for my life but my life for God’s plan.     
   It’s not God’s vision for my church but my church for God’s”


Flower Sale

Kenton's annual flower/plant sale kicks off March 11 

Judy has order forms. The sale ends the week after Easter, April 8 with pick up early May


Women's Retreat at Rockaway Beach

April 27-28 are this year's retreat date

See Kate Wilkerson or Judy McCourtney for more information