Nativity scene with star on itHoly days vs. Holidays


The United States is moving headlong into the “Holiday Season”. Christmas decorations have been up at Costco and various stores for most of October. Black Friday ads are leaking their way on to the internet. Stores are positioning for the best season possible by offering matching prices, free shipping, and being closed Thanksgiving Day (however their websites will be open). Soon you will read Facebook memes about Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays and how this or that store is snubbing Christians and we’ll hear the usual phrases like: over-commercialization, hype, secular bias and the rest.

Here is how I think we should approach such issues when they come to the surface in our midst.

  1. Be gracious—recognize that there is a variety of emotions balled up in these holidays and some people have hitched their spiritual/emotional wagons to some pretty strange leaders
  2. Be slow to speak—this works in many places but many who invest themselves in the non-existent ‘culture wars’ have very little perspective. It is an emotional commitment.
  3. Be aware—these are human issues and not God issues. God does not need us defending His name or His means of Salvation. The fact that someone gets upset at “Christmas” is a sign that God is still at work. Rejoice. Please remember we are supposed to be persecuted for our faith. We are never commanded to sue someone for persecuting us.  

Enjoy the holidays and may they become more and more Holy as they approach

In Christ