Nativity scene with star on itChristmas Wars is a non-battle for Christ's people


Let me suggest that the media and few ultra-sensitive types will try to whip Christ followers into a frenzy over the words Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays. Here is how I believe God's Word tells us to confront such people.

  1. Christ is in Christmas—no one can take him out Christmas and most people aren't trying to separate him from the holiday. Sadly, most people just don't care and see benign greetings as just that a greeting.
  2. We are salt and light—but we don't oversalt something so that we're spat out of the world nor do we blind them with God's truth when they aren't use to the brightness of God's love. We season, preserve, guide and comfort as we live out this lives of seasoning and God's light.
  3. Love our neighbors—God calls us to continually love our neighbors. What does that look like and who do you see as your neighbors is key to how you deal with these supposed issues.  Go forth with Seasons Greetings and may you enjoy Happy Holidays as you wait on our Lord's coming. and may they become more and more Holy as they approach