Nativity scene with star on it

Advent Hymns or Christmas Carols....

The REAL Christmas War

Among some mainline churches (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodists, Reformed etc.) there is a general distaste for singing Christmas carols during the weeks of Advent.

The Season of Christmas comes after Christmas Eve up through Epiphany, January 6 and this is the time reserved for these carols. Advent is the time of waiting

A case for Carols

Let me suggest a couple of reasons why carols are appropriate.

  1. There is not enough time during the Season of Christmas to sing the breadth of carols that are available to the church today. Advent provides a chance for the congregation to experience more of this richness
  2. We have to be the teachers of the Christmas tradition, including the hymnody. If the Church doesn’t do it then the malls, holiday TV specials and novelty songs will. We do not want our children to equate Frosty the Snowman on the same level with Silent Night.
  3. Christmas is a great equalizer even in our post-Christian culture. Many who have never attended church still have heard the carols and often know the first verse. This is also a season that is likely to bring such folks back into a place of worship. They need to be surrounded with things that are at least a bit familiar.

Enjoy the carols; sing with joy and unbridled love for the coming King of Kings. Amen.


Thanks to the artiles by:

Dr. David Lose

MaryAnn McKibben-Dana