Advent Conspiracy

   Four Goals of Advent Conspiracy:

     Worship Fully; Spend Less; Give More; and Love All

This Advent we will, indeed, attempt to do just this. We will worship our Lord in spirit and in truth allowing us to be touched by God's Word each Sunday and during worship on December 20 we will engage ourselves as we hear God's Word of Grace proclaimed in our choir's cantata. 

We will try to spend less and give more as we give to our homeless people by our donation of socks for our ongoing lunch ministry. On Saturday, December 19 we will take out 75 lunches with presents and cards for those who are on the street. We will also take a special offering during Christmas Eve worship. This money will go to Living Water International who build wells and do water education in nations around the world. Their goal is that children might have clean water and live healthier lives. As wells are dug and water education takes place men and women, whole families hear of the love of Jesus. 

I hope how you can see this type of living is aimed at loving all people, even as we encourage them to let God renew their minds through Jesus Christ.